About the Artist

Since 2010, I’ve been an Edmonton based artist creating art under the pseudonym "outro".

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario and studied Cartooning and Media Arts at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.  

My travels have brought me west and I currently reside in Alberta.


About the Art

Recently I’ve been working simultaneously with painting, drawing, photography, collage and photo montage.  I find that the multiple disciplines can inspire and influence one another in a positive way. 

My current interest in abstract hard-edge painting employs the traditional aspects of economy of form, fullness of colour, and neatness of surface. These original paintings strive to create a rhythmic balance of colour and form.

The same components - colour, economy, precision, rhythm and balance are all fundamental within my collage and photo montage pieces.  These components all work towards the desired composition.

My photography deals with "the capturing of the moment". Photos that capture faces, places, reflections, abstractions... these images speak to me and live on.

Whether it be my paintings, photography or mixed media pieces it's my desire to create approachable works that have the ability to open a dialogue with the viewer and to invite them in for a closer look.

I wish to provide an experience for looking. 



                              @ outroarte